Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ruffles and a few things to add to our website!

Has anyone else been having fits over blogger being down all day yesterday and most of today.... well I certainly have, I didn't know how addicted to blogging I was until I couldn't use it when I wanted to! I know some have lost their previous post, I lost some of the comments on my last post, but so glad it's all working again! Just wanted to share a few new items we will be adding to our website soon.... and a few of my recent ruffle finds! I'm thinking of a giveaway in the near future, think maybe it will be this ruffled pillow!

I just love these ruffled skirts..... I found this white and pink on a recent buying trip, believe I will have to add these to my personal collection! Oh I almost forgot, see the mantel in the background I found it at a sale recently too..... I'll be leaving it in my studio. I'm trying to get my studio cleaned up so I can have 2 really big sales a year in it, can you call it a BARN sale, even if it's in a metal building? I'm so lucky to have this building... it has rooms that I can put my materials in for working on my purses and pillows and then a open area to have sales from. I think I should take full advantage of this , and another thing that's great I have plenty of parking!!!
White and Pink some of my favorite colors!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Myrna said...

OHMYGOSH!! Those pillows are GORGEOUS!!
I had troubles with blogger too..I didn't check to see if I'd lost posts, tho. Hope not. I'm glad it's up and running again too.
Have a great weekend!

Vicki said...

Hi, Daphne. Everything is just gorgeous. I love all the new purses from the last few weeks and these ruffles are scrumptious! Hope all is well.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my goodness, Daphne! What gorgeous pillow finds--they're all just fabulous! And I love those beautiful skirts...sheer perfection!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, my friend!


Pamela said...

Beautiful pillows Daphne!

Yes blogger was done for everyone this week but i am not complaining as i have nothing to post about! Sometimes the creative well runs dry!!

Happy Saturday!
Pamela xo

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious, Daphne! These pillows are like clouds of confections to adorn one's nest! I love the old mantel too ... they are so whimsical, while adding storybook quality to any room!

Wishing you a sumptuous Saturday and blissful weekend! Warmest of hugs, I send your way ...