Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello everyone, it's time for Pink Saturday again. Last week was my first Pink Saturday post and it was so much fun. I've been looking foward to sharing some more of my pink treasures with you! Hope you enjoy!!!I have this picture in my office. I just love vintage pictures of beautiful ladies, I love the sweet little hat she's wearing and of course of love that pink dress.

I also have this shabby chic vintage frame with the sweet pink plaque in my office. I just love to have all this pink around me while I'm working at my desk! I hope to paint my office pink one of these days if I ever get any extra time!

I just love vintage purses, I especially love these tapastry purses. I love the scence in this one! I have a collection of vintage purses I have them displayed all over the walls in my powder room. ( I didn't know where else to put them), but I really like displaying them like that!
pretty pink rosette

Another thing I just can't resist buying is vintage dishes, especially when thier pink!

The roses on this sweet little plate are just gorgeous! If you want to see more pink pretties just go over and visit Beverly at I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Arrivals

It's been quite busy around here lately. I've been working on getting more purses, pillows and estate items ready for the website! I listed some here today, but will be adding even more soon.

This is one of the smaller purses that we do, but don't let the size fool you it has plenty of room for all the essentials! It also have a nice size interior pocket.

I love mixing vintage material and animal print together. I just love the look of it!
This little beauty is a western fannie pack, you can use any belt with it to adjust for your size. It can also be carried as a purse, what ever you prefer! The flap is from a vintage fur coat and the front is made with cowhide!

The pink material on this pillow came from a vintage dress!

cowhide mixed with vintage fabric and a beautiful beaded trim, with leather on the back!This is one of our western pillows that we make alot like our purses, with the flap and vintage brooches, beaded trim and looped ribbon

pretty tapastry pillow

Lovely vintage hairbrush!
Sweet platter, I just can't hardly resist anything with roses on it!

Adorable little silver cream and sugar set!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

Im so excited to be joining up with Beverly at for my first Pink Saturday post! I love the color pink, and I don't think I'll have any problems finding pink things around my house to post about!I've had this cute pink velvet change purse for a long time, can't even remember where I got it! I guess what I really like about it is the pink and silver mixed, I think those 2 colors mixed are just gorgeous.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I just love cherubs, I have a large collection of them, and I have a really hard time passing them by without adding to my collection.sweet delicate pink lace pillow!
This little jewelry box was a gift from my mother n law. She knows that pink is one of my favorite colors, and that I also collect jewelry boxes!
This lovely brooch, I had purchased to put on one of my purses, but decided I couldn't part with it, so it has a home in the curio cabinet! I love to put beautiful pieces of jewelry in my curio and display with my jewelry boxes and other femine things!

Thanks so much for joining my first ever Pink Post, hope you enjoyed it! If you would like to see more Pink just visit Beverly at Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

More treasure hunting

I set out on another shopping trip this past weekend, it's one of my Saturday hobbies, although I already have a huge storage building full of things, that I could be taking out and selling. My husband is constanly asking me why I keep buying stuff when I have a building full of things, well I really don't know I just can't seem to help myself!!! Maybe when it cools down a bit I will pull some things out of my storage, and add some of it to my online boutique! I think I am one of those people I've seen on tv, that they call hoarders. Everytime I've gone into my storage to take something out to sale, I end up coming out empty handed, I keep thinking of things I can use this stuff for, but it just sets and collects more dust! I think I need professional help. Is there anyone of you out there that has this problem?
I just love this old piece of wood with the painted roses! This and most of the items listed here will be added to my online boutique soon.
Sweet cream and sugar bowl.

Found some more bottles to decorate!

Sweet little silver footed tray with handles!

Love this adorable little divider dish!

Sweet pink vintage bed jacket!
White vintage bed jacket!
Sweet vintage collar!
I just loved these shoes. I love the pink on them and also the heels are translusent, I will be adding them to the online boutique!

Cute little pink vintage jewelry box!
I just love the colors in these little plates!
Of course this is my favorite color!

Sweet tiny little vintage purses!
This was the find of the day, although it has some stainning the chair is in good condition, just needs to be recovered. I will also be adding furniture to my website soon! Sorry for the background in this picture it was taken in my garage!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Treasure hunting

I wanted to share some of the things I found this past weekend on a little shopping spree! Well be adding some of the items to the online boutique soon!

I just love this sweet little canister set. I will be adding it on my website soon!

I just can't resist dishes with pink roses on them! These will also be added to my online boutique.

I thought this was a cute little money purse, on the other side it has a place to carry your cellphone. Just perfect when your out shopping for the day!
I think I will be keeping this piece, it has a mirror on the other side with a small chip to the mirror, but I just love the ornate sterling silver side!
This little silver jewelry box will also be added to the online boutique!

Lovely little cream and sugar set, with a silver spoon.
pretty cake knife will be added to the online boutique soon!

Cute little bread pan, it could use it for a planter or many other things. This will be added to the online boutique also.