Monday, January 31, 2011


We have a WINNER!!! Julie from Saltbox Treasures!

I want to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway. I wished everyone could be a winner! I really enjoy having giveaways, it's so much fun. I will let you know... that we will be holding another giveaway REAL soon... so be sure and check back!

Julie, just email me with your address and I will get your package to you soon!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coming Soon To A Boutique Near You!

I'm so excited I just had to go ahead a share with you, that we will be adding a Vintage Baby Boutique to our website SOON!

We will be carrying lots vintage items and some new.... and are very excited to be carrying baby items from several different designers!

We will be carrying diaper bags, clothing, pillows, blankets, headbands with bows, bibs and many more items!!!
Here's just a few of the examples of things we will be carrying!

Just showing some of my purses, because our diaper bags will be made from all the fabrics that we use on our purses! VINTAGE!
Vintage Western!
We will use material like what's on theses pillows too... and some will even have a touch of burlap!

This little girl was the inspiration for me to add my online Baby Boutique! My little granddaughter Amberly Ann! Look she's already modeling our hair bows! That's my mother trying to hold her, she's quite the wiggle worm!
We are also adding a Vintage Closet to our on line Boutique too!
Here you can find vintage clothes, hats, shoes, slips, and many more things! Our Vintage Closet will also be coming soon!!!

I just love this little dress and especially this sweet little jacket that goes with it! Well I'm off to work now have lots to do... I've been a little under the weather this week and have gotten really behind on things!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.... and hope the weather stays as pretty as it's been today. It's been absolutely gorgeous.... it couldn't have been any nicer than the way it has been today, which is nice since it's been so cold, only thing I haven't had time to go out much to enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful White Rooms & White Wednesday

It's time for White Wednesday again, and I have some beautiful white rooms to show you today... are at least they are to me.... I know I'm drooling over them!!! Hope you will be too!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures... When we had our home built about 13 years ago, we wanted all white walls, well for a while now I've wanted to paint everything a soft gold... so glad I only had the Dinning room painted a soft gold, next I wanted everything painted a creamy off white "you know the wonderful color I'm talking about" well now the more I look at pictures like these where everything is stark WHITE ... and all the furniture is white I'm really going towards that look now! I did have the wall going upstairs painted creams with a touch of gold and tans and I love it, and will never change it!
I do have a lot of creamy white furniture, so I want have to do a lot of furniture buying!
Love the wonderful French settee and the rug!!!

This is the color of all the walls in our home, and oh how I'm liking the white on white... I love the white statue against my white walls!
Now here's the wonderful creamy whites, which one day I will probably have my walls painted this color... but for now since my walls are already a stark white I will just leave them a while longer, and try to furnish with mostly whites,
Another gorgeous room with the creams and whites mixed!
This is our stairway wall.... I LOVE the way the paint job turned out on this.... and will never change it! I know my taste changes all the time, but I just know that I will never tire of creamy whites, stark whites, and the color of my stairway wall! I wish my picture was better, the paint job on this wall looks like it was painted over a 100 years ago.... and that's the look I was going for! Hope you enjoyed my white shares for this week!!! Be sure to go over and visit with our gracious hostess Katleen and all the other participants!
pictures 1,2,3,&4 Romantic Homes mag.
pictures 6,&7 Victoria mag.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pink Saturday

I'm so excited to be participated in Pink Saturday again, it's been a while since I've been able to! My pinks are just random things this time! Hope you enjoy them! Thanks Beverly for hosting such a fun party!!!

I bought this French love seat years ago in an antique shop.... can you believe that I was going to take the pink fabric off and have it redone in some other color, what was I thinking I'm so glad that I left it as is.... because now I just love this old vintage fabric, isn't it amazing how much your taste can change in just a few years, heck my seems to change daily anymore!
I just love this beautiful plate, and what made it extra special is that it had cherubs on it, and anyone who has read my blog very long knows how much I love to collect cherubs!
This is one of the vintage pink purses that I have on my website! It seems to be my favorite colors to put together!

Such a sweet little fan, and I adore anything with pretty little girls are ladies on them, it's so feminine!

I think that silver and pink go so beautifully together!

If you haven't entered our giveaway for this burlap tote you can still enter by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and then going to older post.... it should be the first one on older post, so sorry for the inconvenience but I'm not able to link to it... the winner will be announced on January 31... and we will be having another giveaway next Saturday, I'll tell you one thing about it... it's going to be a PINK giveaway!!! Be sure to go over to Beverly's to visit with her and all of the other pink participants!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Wednesday & Vintage Inspiration Friday!

It's time for another White Wednesday & Vintage Inspiration Friday... I wanted to share with you another booth from Canton.... this booth belongs to the Girls Gone Junkin!!! They have an absolutely gorgeous space! Always so many beautiful whites and cream colors... I could stay in their booth for hours... and I always love visiting with them, their such sweet ladies!!!

I love this beautiful dress.... I've tried to talk Cathy into selling it to me, but with no luck, but it does have my name on it if it ever comes up for sale.... but I think I'll be waiting a LONG time... hee hee!!!

So much yummy eye candy!

Need any gorgeous jewelry!!!

I always love lady statues!!!

I know Christmas is over but I just had to take a picture of their beautiful tree!

Hope you enjoyed another tour of shops in Canton... I'm linking to Kathleen for White Wednesday and Debra @ for Vintage Inspiration Friday.. So be sure to go by a visit with them and all the other participants. Happy White Wednesday!!! If you haven't entered our giveaway you can scroll down to the last post to enter... I still can't link to it, sorry for the inconvenience!