Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Wednesday

It's time for another White Wednesday, and I have so many pictures to share from our Christmas Open House, at Winnie & Tululas! Hope you enjoy!

This first window was decorated by Debra of Talking Trash, she did an absolutely beautiful job, I just couldn't stop looking at the windows, they were breathtaking and my pictures do not do justice to them!
Now this window was decorated by Liz & Frann, two very talented ladies, their window was equally as beautiful, again I just couldn't get enough of these beautiful windows!
This lovely piece was in Debra and Cat Daddy's gorgeous booth... and I have lot's more picture to show at another time, as I took close to 200 pictures!
These gorgeous flowers were made by Debra, I think she needs to have a tutoral, I would love to learn to make these beauties!!!

My Angel wings I purchased, where made by the Family Peace Project!
I thought this was just too cute!
Oka, sorry I did throw in a couple of pinks today, this was some gorgeous silver trays that I wanted to show that I had in my booth!
Along with my pink tree!
This beautiful tree was decorated by Terri, I have more picture to show soon of her gorgeous booth!
This tree was quite different, but very pretty... I had never seen one quite like it before, but I just love it. This was in the booth of our guest Peggy and John from French Vanilla, they always have such gorgeous things!
This lovely display is some of Glory's magic, I just love the way she displays things. I love the iron chase hanging from the ceiling!

This is Liz & Frann's booth, and the beautiful wreath hanging up is mine now , yes that was one of my favorite purchases!
French Vanilla's booth! I always love seeing antique frames hanging in a grouping!
This piece was in Deb and Cat Daddy's booth, well it had to come home with me... I just had to have it, it now is in my bathroom with the drawers filling up quickly! Oh and these lovely candles where made by Deb, they are so pretty and would make wonderful Christmas gifts!
This is Margo's lovely booth, I just love her Christmas decor, especially the little tree at the top! I have more of her Christmas goodies to show soon, and my gorgeous purchase from her booth!
Liz and Frann's booth... just gorgeous!!!
This booth is just chalked full of wonderful treasures! I hope I'm getting her name right, This booth belongs to Gail.... every time we meet we both have to ask each others name!
This lovely art belongs to Liz & Lynn, they always have such unique things in their booth. I also have more to share in this booth soon!
This booth belongs to Barbara, it's always so gorgeous, and always has very unique pieces! More pics to share soon!
This beautiful booth belongs to Ethel, and is a all time favorite to shop in. She finds the coolest things. One of my favorite things in the Mall was the French Couch in her booth, but I love just about anything that's French! Hope you enjoyed our booths at the Mall, be sure to go over and visit with Kathleen @ Faded Charm, and all of the other participants!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Launching Party Winners!

The happy winners of our Launching Party are:

3rd Place, $30 Gif Certificate: Carol Hansen
2nd Place, Memories bracelet: Jody @ Home & Heart
1st Place, Monogrammed Dog Tag: Tessa Baxter

Congratulations to each of you! Our sincere thanks to the 233 people who helped us celebrate the launching of our new web page. We hope you'll drop by again, soon: www.lyndacade.com Let us help you with your Christmas list. A personalized silver pendant is the perfect, thoughtful gift!

Warmest regards,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White Wednesday

It's time for another White Wednesday. I thought I would share a few of my collections of statues with you today!

I found this sweet little doll with this beautiful lace dress at an estate sale several years ago, and purchased it for only $20.00.... I couldn't pay for it fast enough... what a great deal.
I tried to keep most of my statue collection in groupings!
I found this little lovely at the Warrington/ Round Top show a few years ago, from the Junk Gypsy's booth.
Most of my statue collections are ladies and cherubs, but I couldn't resist this sweet little boys face.... I think he is so cute!
I think she is just adorable with her red lipstick! Hope you enjoyed all of my WW shares for today! Don't forget to go over and visit Katleen @http://fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ and all of the other participants! Sorry my linky thing is still not working, I'm trying to get it fixed, so sorry for the inconvience. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New found treasures

My mother and daughter n law had a garage sale recently, and it was a good one. Just look at all the wonderful treasures I found.... and whose going to give you a better price than your mother!

I just love these little dessert bowls with the beautiful roses on them!
I bought several pieces of silver, but this was the only one that the picture came out decent enough to show. I got 2 gorgeous silver trays and a silver cream and sugar set to.
vintage slip!
I couldn't believe she was getting rid of these lace and crochet pieces, but I'm sure glad she did.
Lovely old frame!

vintage jewelry box!
Great pink divider dish!
I thought I would throw these in too, but this gorgeous little salt and pepper, I purchased a while back at an antique store!
I also purchased this sweet little hat box at Winnie and Tululas Antique Mall.
Oka, back to the garage sale finds... this little bowl is marked pyrex corning 323 NY USA!
Another pyrex bowl
I normally don't buy many new frames, as I collect antique frames, but it was such a good buy I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoyed my new found treasures!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Houston Nutcracker Market

I wanted to share some of the beautiful Christmas treasures that were where at the Nut Cracker in Houston this past weekend. This is Laurie's booths from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home in Canton! I had the pleasure of working with this crew for the last several months, and was looking forward to going to the Nutcracker Market with them also, but a messed up tendon in my ankle put a stop to me going! On a good note though, my friend Lynda and myself went Saturday to the Nutcracker and spent the day, and then had a fabulous seafood dinner on the way home! I just love having girls day out... but my ankle wasn't doing to good by the end of the day think I over did it! Well I'll quite talking and let you get to all the eye candy!!!

I think this was one of my favorite pictures... and look there's Laurie in the background.

There were so many shoppers at the Nutcracker it made it a little difficult to look at everything!

I just love these beautiful old doors!

These ladies look like some happy shoppers!

Hope you enjoyed all the White Christmas goodies! Be sure to mark your calenders Lauie has extended the shopping hours at her store, and Canton will be going on in just a few weeks! Be sure to go over and visit Kathleen @ Faded Charm and all of the other White Wednesday participants!