Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday and a happy Halloween!

I took this picture at church this morning, I just love this old window... it's always decorated for the different Holidays, and special occasions, this morning it reminded me of Fall and that Halloween is today! (you see I'm even thinking of decorating at church). This window was in the first church that was built here in 1906 when the church was first founded. My husbands family on his Dad's side has belonged to this little country church for generations, and my husband has gone there all of his life. My husbands great great grandfather was one of the founders of the church!

Oh, and by the way when I started going to church here I ask one of the ladies in the church if they had any of the old windows left because I just loved the one they had up and thought it was so cool that it came from the old chuch, and much to my surprize they actually had 1 left and gave it to me. It now resides in our Dinning room, I had a mirror put in it and I will cherish it always!
The church hired a lady named Sadie Thomas to sketch in pencil the old church and the new church, she did a fabulous job. If you notice you can see the old church window in the background framing the churches! I have a signed sketch of the church from this artist with her signature and is numbered 3 of 150. What I'm showing here is just a little bulletin, it's not as clear as my sketch! I hope I haven't bored you to much with my bit of our family history!

This is another thing that I think is so pretty at church, I'm not sure of the date of the silver,but I've been told it was in the first church... so their really old pieces!!!

Oh, now as for Halloween I can't wait to see the grand kids tonight in their little costumes, especially the little one, it being her first Halloween, she's going to be a Bumble Bee, and there will definitely be pictures coming soon!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday

I love this picture with it's natural elements and rustic feel... I know, I'm a shabby chic girl, but I do love many different styles, Shabby chic and French or just my favorites! Now, since I haven't decorated for Halloween I found these great pictures full of Halloween decor and thought I would share these with you! I'm joining up with Debra @ commom ground for Vintage Inspired Friday!

So much Halloween decor, they even brought in the black cat!!!
What a wonderfully decorated front porch... but what catches my eye the most is that sweet little doggy at the front door! Hope you enjoyed, if you want to see lots more Halloween decor go over to Debra's @ common ground, and check out all of the other participants!

pictures - Home Companion mag.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Wednesday

I'm joining up with Kathleen @ faded charm for another White Wednesday! I love the trunk in this picture with the pretty roses painted on it! This is a picture from my booth at Winnie & Tululas!
This is one of the pillows made for Laurie Anna's store in Canton!

Sweet little baby shoes!

Another one of my favorite things is this sweet urn with the cherubs on it. I love the gold details on it too! I bought it on one of my trips to the big Warrington/ Roundtop show! I hope you enjoyed my whites for this White Wednesday, be sure to go over and visit Kathleen @ faded charm and all the other participants!

Just a few things added to our on line Boutique!

These are a few of our new little shoulder bags, their just perfect for taking on shopping trips when you don't want to carry a big purse! It's sports cowhide with vintage fabric, I love mixing the two I think they are so pretty together!
This is the back of the top picture shown! Genuine leather back with animal print!

Front of purse... This is one of our larges purses, plenty of room for anything you would want to carry. It has a lot of vintage fabric and is mixed with some new fabrics!
Side view of purse
Back of purse
Front view of purse!
Back view of purse!
I just love the beautiful Fall colors in the purse!
Loads of vintage here with a victorian brooch!

We have listed these purses on our online boutique at

Friday, October 22, 2010

If You Love Pink, Feminine, & Vintage Check This Out

I linking up with sweet Debra at for Vintage Inspiration Friday and Beverly at for Pink Saturday. I'm inspired by the more feminine vintage things! I've noticed that most of my collections are very feminine inspired I just love anything girly from small compacts to dress forms. Not to say that I don't love things that are totally different such as a wonderful industrial piece, but most of the things I have collected our very feminine! Hope you enjoy looking thru a few of my girly collections!

I could just see someone wearing this hot pink hat with the hot pink shoes above, I bet they would turn some heads!

I just love these sweet ballet shoes! I found these at the Antique mall where I have a booth at Winnie & Tululas!

Can you tell how much I love vintage hats!

Theses last 3 pictures are all the same dress, and in every picture I took they all came out a different color! That goes to show I don't know much about taking pictures, but at least they didn't come out a green color like some of the pictures I take!
I hope you enjoyed my vintage pinks today! Be sure and go over to Debra at to visit her and all the other participants! Tomorrow I'll be linking up with Beverly at so hope you will visit her and all the Pink Saturday participants! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Vintage Farmhouse Christmas

Be sure a mark your calenders for Laurie Anna's Vintage Farmhouse Christmas. It will be this Saturday Oct 23, from 10 am - 3 pm. I know it's going to be spectacular with beautiful vintage inspired Christmas decor everywhere! Your sure don't want to miss it!
I bought these 2 gorgeous pictures at Laurie's last month. I normally only buy true vintage pictures, but I thought these were so pretty and very vintage inspired.
I've never seen a hat quite like the one in this picture!
Here is a peek at a few of the things I will be taking to Laurie's for the next Canton Trade Days weekend.
I just love burlap I think it looks great just about anywhere! Hope you get to make it out to Laurie Anna's for her Vintage Farmhouse Christmas, remember it is this Saturday Oct 23, from 10am - 3pm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Very First White Wednesday

I'm excited to be joining up with Kathleen for my very first White Wednesday! I wanted to start with one of my very favorite things to collect. I can't hardly resist these beauties when I see one. I'm proud of myself this time though, I've decided to add this sweet little cherub to my website! I just don't have another spot for anything else!
This is another thing I can't hardly pass up if I can find them priced right, a lot of the time the vintage baby shoes are just priced to high for what I want to pay for them! But I got lucky with these.
I love putting these pillows together, I just love mixing all the different laces together!
This is one of the photo's from mine and Lynda's, studio, (Lynda is my blogging partner) she doesn't get to blog much due to having a full time job and a part time job teaching! You will be hearing from her soon though as she is fixing to launch her new website, and will have some great giveaways coming up the first of Nov.
I have 2 of these cherub plaques hanging on the wall in our hallway, I told you I just can't resist them. Well I hope you enjoyed my whites today! Please be sure and go over to Kathleen and visit the rest of the participants!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love Leopard Print

I just love leopard print, it can be used in so many different ways and it goes with just about anything, you can wear it or decorate with it!

I really love this leopard print rug. I think it would go in just about any design, shabby chic, country, french, paris apartment, modern.

Great on pillows too, I think a leopard or animal print pillow adds a pop to any room, again no matter what your decorating style is!

I'm in love with the chair in this picture, leopard print and French!!!

Gorgeous chairs with the rich color of the leopard print!

This is one of our new small shoulder bags, inspired by Leopard print we will be adding these and more to our online boutique!
This is the back of the shoulder bag!

Another leopard print inspired purse! I love these colors for the Fall months!
This is the back of the bag, with lots of leopard here! But the next picture was my inspiration for the leopard print post!
This is Amerberly Ann, my precious little granddaughter. I keep her 2 days a week and this is what she had on one day last week when she arrived. OMG I thought that was the cutest little outfit, I just love it and you couldn't have a prettier model to show it off.
This is Amerberly and my daughter n law Kelly! Now tell me have you ever seen anyone look so cute in leopard before! Hope you enjoyed the Leopard review!

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