Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine boxes

I wanted share these adorable little
Valentine boxes that I bought
the other day at Winnie and
Tulula's. Liz and Fran were bringing
in a lot of Valentine goodies, we
were buying them as quick as
they were bringing them in,
there were even a couple of ladies
that were buying cards before they
could even get inside the store with
them. Speaking of Valentines, we will be
haveing a few giveaways for Valentines
in February, I'll post more about it
after I get back from Canton next week.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more pics from the Big Red Barn sale

This is French Vanilla's booth, I
always make my way to their
booth. I love all the whites and
cream colors they always have
in their booth.

This is their shop dog, sorry I
forgot her name, but she sure
was a sweetie.

This is the booth of Willow Nest
Farm. I always love shopping
in their booth, it's always decorated
over the top, with such lovely items.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Red Barn Sale in Round Top, Texas

This past weekend was spent doing nothing but shopping, Dallas Market Saturday, and The Big Red Barn in Round Top, Texas Sunday. I've got pictures from several great dealers. This is Theresa Cano's booth from Garden Antiques, her booth was lovely as always. I really enjoyed visiting with them at the show's.

I purchased this lovely silver tray
and the pottery from Theresa, I
believe I will be keeping these beauty's.

This is a picture of Theresa's
booth. Sorry I took several but this
is the only one that came out good.

This is Judy Hill's booth, she always has a gorgeous booth, she has a great talent for decorating.
I love the way she displays her items.

This pretty little lamp I purchased
from Judy is going on my night
stand. It's a keeper.

I will be posting a few more pictures from the Big Red Barn sale in a few more day's.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Dallas Market

Wanted to share these pictures of several booth's we visited this weekend at the Dallas Market. These were five different ladies sharing a booth.

Katie Rose Cottage
Meadow street
My Pink Boutique
Noelle Garrett Designs
So Shabby Pink

Their booth was absolutely gorgeous we loved everthing in it, these ladies are all very talented. We also had the pleasure of meeting Lori from Katie Rose Cottage. We really enjoyed talking with her, wish we would have had more time to meet some of the other ladies, but unfortuntely we had plans for the evening and had to leave early.

This booth is Annette's Touch of Class. Their booth is really an eye catcher, they have the neatest antique display's for showcasing their jewelry, t shirts, shoes and many more items. We also enjoyed visiting with Annette and her daughter. We got to see Annette's new grandbaby, she is so cute!!! I think Annette held her all day long.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sights and Sounds of Dallas Market

Daphne and I are always amazed at the sheer magnitude of Dallas Market. From the overflowing Market Hall to the grand opulence of the World Trade Center, you're in sensory overload from the minute you arrive. Merchandise, tons of bling, buyers, sellers, exhibitors, lights, music, food....literally floor to ceiling....whew! You simply cannot take it all in. Every trendy new item, style, and idea comes to life at Dallas Market.

Imagine our surprise when right in the middle of all the flashy, trendy, bling from China we step right into a small booth entitled, "Sterling Service..." Being the "silver" girl I am, I was captivated and stepped in to shop. I said, "Wow, you don't find many NEW sterling items these days!" To which the vendor responded, "These are all old things." I was thrilled! Daphne and I honed in on the only antique booth in the whole place! And, selling silver, to boot....go figure! We just love the old stuff.

The only thing I purchased all day was this lovely old silver-plated open salt. I fell in love with the lion's head corners and paw feet. It's absolutely stunning. Can't decide if I want it to hold my business cards or little soaps or jewelry or ??.... I'll enjoy finding a special place for it.

Daphne took some awesome pictures at market. We ran into a few Canton friends and blogging buddies. Our favs always include those booths with some antique and/or vintage flair, including: Annette's Touch of Class, Katies Rose Cottage Designs, Meadow Street, So Shabby Pink, Noelle Garrett Designs, My Pink Boutique, and The Sterling Service and Royal Rabbit. More pictures, soon! TTFN! Lynda

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walmart and Antiques

I was headed to Walmart, and somehow ended up at an antique store instead, it's so much more fun. I wanted to share these gorgeous brooches I found. These beauty's will be great on the purses I'll be working on soon!!!!

I found this vintage wedding dress. I love vintage clothing. I can hardly resist buying them, I have a small collection of them at home. I'm going to try to turn loose of this one, I'll be taking it to my booth at Winnie and Tulula's soon.

Also found this little french chair. I sure could'nt pass this little treasure up, I love anything french, it will be at Winnie and Tulula's also.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winnie and Tulula's White Sale

Took these pictures a few days ago of the window displays at Winnie and Tulula's. I think Debbie, Liz, and Fran did a wonderful job decorating the windows.

Due to the weather, Winnie and Tulula's white sale will be extended another week. Sale goes through Sat Jan 16.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, better than an electric blanket, he's not only warm, but also so soft and cuddly. His name is Harvey.

It was so cold this morning, Harvey and I just stayed in and cuddled. Harvey loves to be close to us, he plays hard and loves just as hard. My husband and I rescued him when he was a puppy, he's about two now. He was abandoned with two other dogs, the people just moved from thier home and left them there. We found homes for the other two. I will never understand how anyone could do this. We feel so blessed to have him in our lives he brings so much pleasure to us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I took a few pictures of my new space at Canton, and also took some of Becky and Rene's booths. Wanted to share them with you.