Monday, November 28, 2011

Giveaway #3 Count down to Christmas!

It's time for our 3rd giveaway on our count down to Christmas.

I'm offering this animal print tote for this giveaway. I love mixing pinks and animal prints together, hope you like it as much as I do.

All you have to do to enter is:

Leave a comment here and join as a follower, if your already a follower just let me know - gets you 1 chance.

If you post our button on your blog and link it back here - you get another chance.

If you post about our giveaway and let me know - another chance.

If you join my facebook page let me know for yet another chance.

So you can have as many as 4 chances to win.
Good Luck!!! This Giveaway will end on November 30,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh So Sweet Apparel

Here are a few of the new apparel pieces that will be added to the website soon!

I just love this dress with this sweet top over it, they go perfect together.

Here's just the top.
And here is just the dress, but don't you think they look great together?
Another set that looks great together.

I'm going to have to keep one of these sweet scarves for myself.

It's still really hectic around here, and I'm very stressed, but hope to have my apparel up soon!
I hate to keep talking about how hectic it is and how stressed I am, but that's just how it is right now, but hopefully things will level out soon! I'm also running late with my giveaway, but it will be coming up soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for your prayers for my sweet little dog Abbie! It was such a nice day this past Saturday, I was at home and excited about having a little time to do housework, add things to my website and things like that when all the sudden I heard my sweet little Abbie crying, so I ran as fast as I could to her. She was holding her little paw up like something had stung her, first thing I thought..... it was a scorpion, and it had stung her. We have had problems with scorpions before and have to have the house sprayed for them several times a year. Well after me holding her for about 30 min. I put her down and she couldn't stand up, her little legs were not working. I then held her for about an hour and put her down again..... again she could not stand up. Abbie is 14 years old now and she has had back surgery before, it's probably been about 7 years ago, and she had done really well after the surgery until lately I've been noticing her back leg kinda slipping when she would be eating, but she still was getting around very well. After taking her to the vet he confirmed that it was her back and there was nothing he could do for her. Of course I started crying again, that's all I could do all day, I pretty much new it was her back. He said he could give her a shot for inflammation and send something home to help her sleep. Well I started home with her and when I got home with her my husband was back, he had been out of town for the day. I went out of the room for a few minutes and my husband called me back and said she's walking now. All I can say is that prayers were answered. Abbie is still walking, but I wanted to ask for your prayers for her, that her back will get stronger and that she will continue to walk, and have a good quality of life. Abbie being 14 years old I'm not sure that they would even do back surgery on her. I am going to make her an appointment at A&M to let them check her out, that's were she had her back surgery before, they took such good care of her there. This is my little baby girl Abbie in the picture below. For some reason I'm not able to write under the picture, don't know what the problem is. I would greatly appreciate your prayers

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Items

Here is just a few of the new things that have been keeping me super busy lately!

This is one of our new clutch bags. I'll be making more of these, and also making some this same size and shape with a handle on them for the ladies that like handles such as myself!
another clutch bag.

X- Large tote bag!

This is my new skirted pillow, and of course I had to keep one for myself.
This sweater worked perfect for this pillow.

It's still really hectic around here, but not quite as bad as it has been recently. I still have little details to finish in the kitchen, and will start stocking my website with new items which I will be doing for the next few days. I have some beautiful apparel that I will be adding to my site this week also. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update on Kitchen

I wanted to take a minutes to update you with a few sneek peeks of our kitchen redo. It's still really hectic around here, between trying to get purse orders out to my customers, making things to take to Laurie's store for the Canton show, my kitchen redo, and I also have decided to do some major decluttering. I've been very stressed lately..... so I haven't been by to visit much lately but have really missed everyone. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I say normal, it's really never normal here as I stay really busy, but I know as the kitchen is almost finished, and I have got out a lot of my orders out it will be much better. So here are a few pictures and I will be showing a lot more as soon as I get the last details finished.

This is what our cabinets and counter tops looked like before. The guys have already tore out the back of this which had the same green formica on it as the counter top. What was I thinking when we built our home. I really never liked those counter tops or the color of the cabinets. I might also add what was I thinking when I picked that wall paper. At the time I thought it was wonderful, not the case anymore.

This is the new color of our cabinets. I had to add the french details here, and I just love it!
Daniel painted our cabinets out white and then went over them with a glaze to get this look.

After..... I'm really pleased with the way the painted walls turned out. It was a bit scary at first as they were not looking at all the way that I wanted, but after working with Daniel only a few minutes he figure out how it needed to be painted.
This is Daniel and he is super talented, he can do just about anything. He has a florist shop, he knows all about air conditioners, he remodels homes, he even use to decorate Christmas trees and put up Christmas lights for people. We had him buy and decorate our Christmas tree one year and he did a beautiful job, but by the time we had him do ours he was already getting a little burned out with that job so we only were able to use him for a couple of years. Now I just get my small tree down. The one that Daniel decorated for us was so huge and very tall, I just don't have the energy or the time anymore to decorate something like that. Speaking about his florist shop Daniel can fix the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you have ever seen, again this guy is super talented.
Back to the redo..... this is a few of our new stainless appliances. I just love them!!!
Another peek at the new cabinets, painted white with a glaze over them!
The old cabinets
This is my favorite thing all... the Limestone top for the island. There is also a peek at the new stove top. When they put the Limestone on the island I didn't want to cut it to put the stove top in because it was so beautiful, we actually looked for another place to put the stove top but couldn't find a better place so the limestone was cut to put the stove top in and the stove looks great there, so all is well.
The rest of the pictures for today is just the guys working.

This is the worst part of all of this, the dreaded mess. I can't stand for my house to be torn apart and in such a mess, just look at my concrete floors, but the guys assured me that they would get all the paint off the floors. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I had in my kitchen that had to be taken out, (YES I AM A HORDER) but hopefully not for long, by the time everything was out of the kitchen my whole house was a mess, as I had stuff every where. I will tell you though not much is coming back in, yes I'm decluttering my house. I will have a lot more pictures to share with you of the entire redo later on. I'm still looking for one of my antique chandeliers that I wanted to use over my kitchen table, but haven't been able to find it yet, it's lost somewhere in my storage building I'm sure. I'm also going to get a different table out of my storage building to put in the kitchen, still have to put up the curtains, just small details left. Know get ready we will be having another giveaway soon, our countdown to Christmas giveaway. I also wanted to thank everyone who has joined as new followers , love having you here. So sorry that I haven't had the time to visit much, but soon as I can I will be by.
Blessings~~~ Daphne