Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create

Welcome to our humble studio. This is where we create and surround ourselves with the things we love. Thanks to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting such a wonderful party!

NOTE: Please forgive us for being fashionably late for the party. The blog gremlins are merciless once they get started. They inflicted much pain on us for two long, grueling days. (Should it really be this hard?) We were up ‘til 3:00 this morning trying to post our pictures and again early this morning. Whew! We’re pooped but we hope you enjoy our studio tour. We'll add pictures throughout the day as we keep the gremlins at bay, so please check back.

Please come in!

We found this huge building a few months ago. We were so excited because it has lots of room for all of our needs. The best part is that it's really convenient to both of us! It's a perfect studio for us escape from our daily chores to steal a few creative moments. We ship products from here (got that mess out of the house), we set up a small photo studio to take our pictures (we can leave it set up all the time), and we plan to hold a few sales each year from this nice building! So yes we are very happy girls!!!

Daphne's Purse Studio

These 2 tables are where I sit while I'm designing my purses & pillows, it gives me plenty of room for everything I need while I'm working!

A girl can never have too much bling!

This is a purse that I have started working on!

This little 3 drawer cabinet holds alot of vintage button, brooches pins, small lace pieces. I like keeping things tucked away, out of site!

I keep some of my purses at our studio, hanging on a hat racks to keep the ribbon from getting all crinkled up!

This vintage dress form works perfect for holding vintage brooches

I love this old wardrobe, because I can keep plenty of things tucked away in it, such as material, vintage buttons, brooches, delicate lace pieces, and things such as that.

This little stand works great for all the belts I use for my vintage western purses!

This room is for keeping alot of the fabric that I use!

more fabric...

mo fabric...

and mo fabric!

This room is where I keep alot of my trims, and ribbons. I use a vintage screen, and lay them across the top, so it keeps it all straight!

This building already had this wonderful hanger on the wall. It works great for hanging all the lace and/or material!

Close up of some of my smaller pieces of lace!

This cabinet is one of my favorite pieces for storing my smaller lace pieces. I like the hidden storage at the bottom. The fact that it's shabby chic could also have something to do with it being my favorite since I love shabby chic!

These glass shelves work perfect for displaying smalls. We ship our sold items from this location. The shelves are perfect for holding items ready for shipping as well as extra storage!

This is not the most attractive thing, but this machine sews alot of my purses!

Lynda's Silver Studio

Daphne and I work terrific together because we are both inspired by pretty, "frilly" things. As you can see, our styles are quiet different, but we share many passions.

I create my silver pieces at this little bench. Although small, this tiny space keeps all of my tools handy at my finger tips -- easy to reach.

Studio time is relaxing and rewarding. I consider solitary time in the studio as my "stolen moments"...those just for me. It is my guilty pleasure.

I admire the cowgirl spirit where courage and determination triumph over uncertainty and insecurity. The cowgirl lifestyle greatly influences my jewelry. Cowgirls are tough, yet sweet. Cowgirls are most comfortable in denims but love to dress up in grand style with plenty of silver, turquoise and bling

Horses inspire me. I keep lots of them around of all shapes and composition. I especially love silver horses. They are sleek, graceful, and powerful.

I adore the stark combination of silver and lace, metal and porcelain, steel and crystal....inspiring, indeed.

More silver....I just can't resist it! I use the excuse that these wonderful old pieces are perfect jewelry displays -- logical, right?

The prevailing theme across all of my jewelry is silver. I am, without question, a “silver girl”. I adore the soft yet strong feel of sterling. I can literally distinguish it from base metal from across the room. Sterling is real. Sterling is forever. You will find sterling or fine silver on all of my pieces.

Our small photo studio is perfect for jewelry shots.

One really nice thing about this huge building is that Daphne and I have room to pull all of our "stuff" out of cardboard boxes. It's refreshing to have a secure place to store my displays.

More supplies...

And more supplies....

And a few more... Takes a lot-o-stuff to make jewelry!

I keep lots of fine "old things" around just to enjoy. They make me feel at peace.
And, the older, the better.

Miss Mini-Mi is our delightful helper. She loves "girlie" things, too!
We hope you enjoy our studio as much as we do. It is our quiet refuge.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Times

This past weekend was so much fun, a few of us girls got together and did one of our favorite
things to do... " GO TO ALL THE SALE WE COULD FIND" Here are a few of my treasure!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where Bloggers Create

We are really excited to join Where Bloggers Create, hosted by Karen Valentine
of My Desert Cottage. We have been working on our studio for weeks, cleaning,
straightning, and folding, well you get the picture, (it was a mess) I can't wait
for the party to start!!!
Speaking of Karen she also did our new blog design, she is so talented and easy
to work with. We had ours custom designed. I just sent her pictures of the
things that we wanted incorporated into our new look, and she did a wonderful
job doing that, and she was so quick getting it all done. If your ever in need of
a new look for your blog, she's great!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few treasures I found at Canton

My trip to Canton was short and sweet, I say short and
sweet, due to the heat I didn't stay very long. My first
stop was to my dear friend Laurie Anna's shop, it was
beautiful as always, sorry I didn't get pictures, I was to
busy visiting and forgot to take any picture, I'll do better
next time. I got to visit with Lillie and Maggie, they
were set up in front of the Civic Center, and Ethel at
the 6000 pavalion! If your ever at Canton be sure to
visit these ladies, they always have alot of cool treasures!
Here are a few of the items I purchased at Canton.