Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring Goodies

Spring is just around the corner. "I think", it's hard to imagine because it's so cold here today!

Here are a few of the things I will be adding to my online boutique soon.
This jacket will be perfect to wear during the Spring and Summer months.

This dress/top can be worn all year around. You could wear it as it is for summer and in the Winter just dress it up with layers. We will be adding these items soon and look for many more new romantic apparel pieces coming next month. Have a great day!

Beautiful Entry Ways and Our New Home

I just love beautiful entry ways, it's the first impression you get when you walk into a home.

I'm loving the creamy white walls in this entrance with the mixture of the dark woods.
This is just stunning.
I always love the brick mixed in.
Again loving the white walls with the dark colors.
I had to add a gray entrance as I'm really loving the color gray these days.
Now for my favorite entry way, this is our new weekend home we purchased a few weeks ago. We will be closing on it around the 30th of this month, and we are so excited. This entry way is what sold it for me. I love it. I love how they mixed the stone and brick. I can't wait to start decorating. There will be lots of post as I'm decorating it. Hopefully it want take me as long as it has with my kitchen. The hold up on the kitchen has been finding the right chandelier, but I think I may have the one I want now. Wishing you a wonderful week!

1-5 pictures: Pinterest
6: our home

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I'm loving these kitchens!

What's not to love about this kitchen, it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving the cream colors mixed with the dark wood, but it would be just a gorgeous with the island painted a beautiful cream color also. Don't you think? Love the beautiful chandelier hanging over the island too.
Just look at the French details in the lovely kitchen. This kitchen is wonderful with it's gorgeous cream color island and then it has that rustic feel with the brick and wood beams. I love the mixture of the two.
I'm loving the clean lines of this kitchen, the beautiful whites with the stainless steel is another gorgeous feature. I always love the ceilings with the beams, I think the beams would also look great painted white. I have showed a peek of my kitchen redo with you several months ago, hopefully I will be showing the entire kitchen soon. Christmas kinda put a stop to me finishing the last details of the kitchen. The only things I like is getting my chandelier up, curtains, and covering the chairs. I hope you loved these kitchen inspirations as much as I did.

pictures from Pinterest