Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Color Bug Has Bit, and Some Recent Estate Sale Finds!

I find myself loving color more and more these days. For years I have totally loved whites and creamy off white. Don't get me wrong they are still my favorite. I am leaning towards adding a little color to my apparel on my website and to my decorating. Here below is a peek at some of the color we will be adding when we open the website back up on Aug, 10.

This shawl is one of our new items we will have on our website.

We will still have lots of creamy netural colors!
On another note check out some of my recent estate sale finds. This above was my favorite find for the day.

These gloves are gorgeous, my pictures don't show how really pretty they are.

I love vintage frames and this one is wonderful. Very ornate and only paid $2.00 for it. Be sure to check out our webstite on Aug, 10 we will have lots of new items on.

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Items

Here's a few new items that will be listed on the website when we open back up on Aug 10.

We will have lots of new items listed when we open back up. I will share a few more items when I get to take more pictures. Have a great day!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake House Decorating

It's been so nice to have a little extra time to get some things done around both homes. We were able to get all the drapes up in both houses, but unfortunately there were some problems with the way some of them were made...... but hopefully they will be fixed soon!

This is the bar area at the lake house!
The lamps on the cabinet are alabaster, one of my favorite things to collect.

I also love these old scales!
This is our little flower garden at the lake house. I wish I could take credit for it, but the credit must go to our real estate lady that did a lot of the planting when we first bought the house, she said it was a house warming gift to us. Later my husbsand planted more beautiful plants.

I'll have to admit that I don't do any of the gardening, never was my thing.... but I do love beautiful flowers.
I had more picture on here but have lost several of them. I'll try again on another post to share them. On another not I will be opening my website back up on Aug 10th. I will share some sneak peeks of some of the new items that will be offered. Have a great day!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking a Break

With much thought I have decided to close my website down for 1 month to take a much needed break. We will re open Aug 10 with lots of new products. I'm really looking forward to being able to blog more during my break. For such a long period of time now I just never seemed to have the time to do much blogging. I first had to give up doing the linky party's due to lack of time then my blogging drop off after that. I commend all of you that are able to keep up with everything. I'm hoping to get a little more organized during this month I know that will help me have more time. Wish me luck on that, as I have never been organized.... but better late than never.

I will show a few peeks through the month of a few of the new items that will be listed on our website when we open back up. This sweet pillow above is just one of them!
I have to say as much as I love what I do I'm very excited to have this time off. It will give me extra time to play with my sweet grandkids and get some things done that I just never seem to have time to do before.
I wish I could say this month would be just about spending time with family and resting, but I have so many projects that need to be done at home and at the lake house that I just never seem to have time to do what needs to be done, so this break with give me a chance to do just that.
The kids love coming over to the lake house, this day they enjoyed swimming and then just playing in the yard. Later that night I played cards with my grandson and had even more fun.... except for the fact that he beat me in every game.
Grandkids are amazing I could watch this sweet little one roll around in the grass all day. They are such a joy! I have decided to take a break like this once a year and smell the roses! I'll be back soon to show a few updates of the lake house. We finally got our new drapes hung this past week and I'm waiting for the drapes for the other house today.... can't wait to see them up.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pictures From the Homestead Show in Hico

I was finally able to get a few pictures up of mine and Lynda's booth at the Homestead show in Hico Tx.

I don't have many pictures to show as I forgot my camera.... but Lynda did manage to get a few with her phone.
This is just a few of Lynda's sterling silver pieces! She does beautiful work... be sure to check her website out at www.lyndacadejewelry.com

We had such a wonderful time at this show, got to visit with friends and made lots of new friends. I have to say that Mike and Brenda that put this show on twice a year are absolutely wonderful to work with and we can't wait to go back in the Fall and do it again. Hope to see ya there!!!