Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Gifts From A Precious Friend

My sweet friend Lynda visted Rachell Ashwell's beautiful place in Round Top Tx. recently for a jewelry workshop. You can read her first post about it by scrolling down to the next post. She will be sharing more pictures soon. Lynda makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry and wanted to expand to making vintage inspired jewelry. Lynda surprized me a few days ago by giving me one of her first pieces of vintage inspired jewelry, and OMG it's absolutlely gorgeous!!! Well just check it out for yourself.

I'm very excited to annouce that we will be carring Lynda's new jewelry line on our website within the next few months. You can check out her website here at Now I want to share another beautiful gift that my dear friend Lynda gave me after the jewelry retreat at Rachell Ashwell's. She visted Rachel's linen store and gave me the most beautiful pillow slips that you can see in the next pictures coming up.
This was on the front of the bag that she gave me. Who wouldn't get excited when seeing Rachel Ashwell's name on the bag.
When I opened the bag.... the most beautiful and soft pillow slips.

I've decided their to gorgeous to use. I will just display them on my bed.

I'll post again when we get the vintage jewelry on our website, it will take a little time for her to get everything ready as Lynda also has a full time job. Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun With Jewelry at Round Top

I enjoyed the most delightful jewelry retreat at The Prairie in Round Top, last week. Ahhh...wish I could go back. Imagine a group of happy jewelry-makers creating all things beautiful in the most relaxing, shabby surroundings. The week was truly a dream come true! Check out our couldn't help but be inspired.

Here's my "special assigned seat" complete with a sweet card and darling gifts:

I've attended hundreds of workshops over the years, but never have I been treated as such a "Queen for the Day!" :o) My heart-felt thanks to Barb of Vivi Magoo Presents for an amazing and unforgettable event. She made us all feel so welcome and special. I WILL be attending Barb's next amazing event.

I especially enjoyed Rachel Ashwell's Round Top hide-away. My dear friend and talented pmc mentor, Lisa Monroe (you gotta check out her beautiful die for!) were fortunate enough to stay at Rachel's Liliput Lodge. The smell old wood and comforts of shabby linens stirred fond memories of my Georgia roots.

I stayed in the "Blue Room"....ahhhh! It was pure heaven:

Liliput Blue Room

I hope you enjoy the sweet surroundings as much as I did:

Rachel Ashwell's Linen Store

Bluebonnet Cottage - Too Sweet!

Liliput Front Bedroom
Liliput Front Bedroom, 2nd View

The Lodge - This is Where We "Worked"

We actually did get some work done.
It was an honor and privilege to study under two talented artists, Deryn Mentock and Diane Cook. Thank you for giving me the courage to mix my metals. :o)

Other views from around The Prairie:

It's Tea Time on the Veranda! ~Lynda

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's that Time Again!

I'll be heading to Canton tomorrow with goodies to take to Laurie Anna's store. I have pictures of the store from last month. I know I'm really late showing them, but better late than never.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have been so busy lately not much time to blog, and now that their fixing to change the blog dash board I hope I can figure it all out when I do get some extra time!