Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm so loving everything about weddings these days. I've had quite a few request for ring pillows for that special day, and also request from ladies that are wanting that one of a kind purse. With this in mind I decided to add a new category to my online boutique..... WEDDING. There you can find wedding purses, ring pillows, clutches & gloves, hair pieces, and accessories for decorating. We still have a lot of stocking to do, being that it is a new category and all, but hope to have everything up soon.

This makes a great wedding purse, but would also be great for any occasion.
vintage earrings
I love making these pillows with the beautiful vintage gloves!
We will be adding flower hair pieces soon.

All pictures are from Pinterest except
2, 3, & 4, Daphne Nicole.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring Collection

It's been a while since my last blog post. We've had a lot going on, some good, some bad. I've been spending a lot of time with my sweet little granddaughter while her mother is working at our business for a few weeks in the office to help get some things caught up. I love keeping her, we have so much fun together, but she does want all of my attention, so it has been impossible for me to blog or even keep my website updated. Hoping to get some new things on next week. It's all been good though, they grow up so fast and I love spending time with her.
More good news we closed on our weekend home on Valentines Day, and we will spend our first weekend there starting this evening. We have already moved a lot of things there, but still have more to do. It's been so much fun decorating. I'll have pictures soon.

This is my little granddaughter. One thing we've done together lately is go antique shopping. Yes I'm trying to teach her early. She does seem to enjoy it.
I had no ideal that lightning could bust water pipes under your house.
I 'll quite writing for now a show you some of the things that we will be listing next week on my website. www.daphnenicole.com
Back of lace jacket.

I'm thinking I may keep this one for myself. I'll have to make another one for the website.

Front of purse.
Back of purse. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!