Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting ready for Canton!

Just a few things I've been working on for Canton this month. If your in the area be sure to stop by Laurie Annas Vintage Home, the store is always over the top beautiful with 5000 sq ft. of shear shopping pleasure!

Laurie Annas Vintage Home: Her address is Hwy, 19 just a half a mile up the road from the arbors... phyical address is 1457 N. Trade Days Blvd Canton, Tx. 75103

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

God bless America, our troops, and their family's...... please remember all the Men and Women who serve our Country so that we can still have our freedoms.

We had a wonderful day with friends, was able to set out and visit with one another, watch the Memorial Day parade that our little town has every year, and have wonderful food.... and this is something that we don't think to much about, but if it wasn't for the Men and Women who fight for our Country these things would not be possible. So I want to thank each and every one of them!

This home belongs to some friends of ours.... and I'm just in love with it, I've toured the inside before, but got to go through it again today, it's just gorgeous!!!

Everyone getting ready for the parade!!!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Memorial Day!!!

Vintage Treasures

Thought I would share a few things I have collected over the years. These will be random things..... as I have a love for so many different vintage pieces, especially if their feminine!

This is my all time favorite cup and saucer... I love the beautiful lady and the colors are so pretty!!!

Always love picking up old vintage books with the pretty covers! Their so fun to decorate with!!!

Can't hardly pass up on the clocks... one day I need to group all of my clocks together. I just have them randomly placed around the house! I've thought about grouping them and puttin them on my mantle.... I think it makes more of a impact when you group a big collection together!

Love these shabby chic religous bookends!

I have collected many alabaster pieces over the years, it's also another favorite thing that I love to collect! Would love to hear about the things that you collect..... Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday afternoon!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm so excited to be adding these adorable vest to our romantic apparel page on our online boutique!!!

We have a lot more clothing items to add to our website soon!

I hope to have these vest added to our online boutique this week if time allows.... I've been really busy lately, so if I don't get them up this week, hopefully the first part of next week! We will also be adding a lot of new clothing items to our romantic apparel page soon, I can't hardly wait!!! On another note..... I've been having major problems with blogger this week, it gets so frustrating, thanks to my hubby for finally getting it up and running again.... hopefully it will stay up for a while! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Items to Share & a Girls Day Out!

Thought I would share a few of the things we've been working on lately.... some we will add to our online boutique and some I will be taking to Laurie Anna's Vintage Home during the next Canton Show!

I love using these beaded collars around the flaps of my purses when I find them.... they work perfect for that, and add such a great vintage touch!!!

I bought burlap rolls at Laurie's shop last month, just the regular color burlap and the white.... these small strips worked perfect to go down the middle of this bag, I just love the look of it! Oh and I almost forgot I also bought the buttons that are on this purse at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home too, it all gives this purse such a fun look!

On a total different note, I took the day off yesterday to spend with these 2 little monkeys, and my dear friend Margaret.... we took our little granddaughters to the zoo, I've been wanting to take Amberly, she's never been and I wanted to take her before it got to hot..... well I think I waited to late, boy was it HOT! It was very humid yesterday, but it's only going to get hotter so I was glad that we went a head and took them. We had a lot of fun!

No it's not real, it kinda looks like it is though!

This is Margaret's granddaughter on the left and mine on the right~~~ they had so much fun!
Amberly looks really enthused over her shoe! It doesn't take much to keep a baby occupied!
Now looks like she's trying to put it in her mouth! What won't they put in there!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hico Antique Show

My sweet friend Lynda and I went to Hico. yesterday where Homestead was having their Spring Antique Show! We had a great time... the weather was nice and there was so many goodies to look at! This building is the Homestead Antique store!

We also spent quite a bit of time here in the Antique store, so many gorgeous things to look at! Then we had lunch, and then more shopping, followed by a big piece of pie, and then we were on our way home!
This is the tent where a lot of the dealers set up at.... they have also expanded the shop to the left of the tent also!
I wanted to show you some of the beautiful booths we got to treasure hunt in! This is Cathy and Dedria of Girls Gone Junkin. I know a lot of you already know them.... 2 very sweet ladies!
They always have a beautiful booth with so much eye candy to behold.

Here's Cathy Lynda & Dedria.... aren't they all so cute!!!
This booth belongs to Denis, and what a super nice guy he is. I took quite a few pics but only 2 of them turned out! Denis also has booths at Lone Star Antique Mall in Fort Worth, Tx. I did a post with pics of his booth recently.... if you missed seeing them just scroll down a few post to check it out!

This belongs to the owner of the Lone Star Antique Mall.... I also took quite a few pics of her booth too, but only this one turned out, so sorry! I also feel really bad because I have forgotten her name, if anyone knows it I would love to add it to my post! She was a super sweet, sweet lady, so glad I had the privilege of getting to meet her and Denis! I have to say I have met the sweetest people in this business!
The next pictures belong to Lisa from DIGS! Lisa had a gorgeous garden booth.... she also has a booth at Winnie & Tulula's, if your ever in the area be sure to check her booth out!!!

Ok, this last booth belongs to Lilly and Maggie..... Lilly from the Junk Palace, and Maggie from The Veranda.... they also have booths at Canton Trade Day, if your ever in the area be sure to stop by and see these 2 gals, they always have the best treasures!

Hope you enjoyed the tour...... and have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!!!