Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspiring Porchs & Outdoor Spaces

I'm joining up with Jill today to share inspiring porches... and I also found some great outdoor spaces that are very inspiring to me too! I found my inspiration from some of the magazine I have.

I think I could just set here all day long, sipping on a glass of tea, and relaxing!
This picture if my favorite, because this is exactly what I'm wanting at my house! Hopefully one day I can show you pictures of my very own!

These watering cans are so good for decorating an outdoor space, and also would be great in a sunroom. There so beautiful with the gorgeous flowers in them! I'm really loving the way they have them grouped together, they make quite a statement!

These last 2 spaces I could also spend a lot of time at relaxing! There so beautiful, it makes me anxious for Spring! Hope you enjoyed the Porches and Outdoor spaces that inspire me, and hope they inspired you too! Be sure to go over to Jill and see the gorgeous porches she has to share, and visit with all of the other participants for more beautiful inspiring porches!
#1 picture - don't know which mag. this came from, I've had it in a folder for a while, would love to give credit to the ones that I don't have, if anyone knows where they came from!
#2 Home Companion mag.
#3 ?
#4 Home Companion mag.
#5 ?
#6 Traditional Home
#7 Romantic Homes

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ruffles & Rust

I've been a bit under the weather lately, and I'm tired of being in the bed... so thought I would share a few pretties with you today!

I just love the look of these vintage books without their covers!
and also love the dried flowers!

Another favorite is vintage bottles, I love to decorate them up!!!
I just love the colors on this beautiful bowl.

This is a top that I bought at a Department store ... so I could cut it up for pillows, I will be sharing the finished pillow soon!
This is the same top, I thought the color turned out pretty on this picture too, but it's not the true color, the true color is the picture above! It amazes me when I take pictures I never know what color things will be. I really need to take some classes to learn to take better pictures , I have a really hard time trying to get good photo's... the lighting is always a problem for me. Do any of you have this problem, or is it just me?

Now on to the rustic... Most of you that follow my blog knows how much I love foo foo and feminine things, but I also LOVE rusty and crusty items too... and I have a 2400 sq. foot building full to prove it! Yes I told you before I am a hoarder, I really need to sale a lot of the things, but I keep thinking someday I will use the stuff "how could I ever use that much stuff"
I took these pictures recently when I was taking pictures of one of my dear friends granddaughter's playhouse! I just had a fit when I saw this wonderful little shed!

I just love all of the rustic things hanging all over the little shed!
Especially the boots! Well I'm headed back to bed... I was only going to post a few pictures... this is one of my problems I always have to over do, do to much, have to many projects, and run myself ragged. I feel like sometimes I'm running in circles and getting no where! I read a post that Debra from Talking Trash posted today, and it fit me perfectly, about starting projects and moving to another one before you even get the one done that you had already started. I think by reading the comments that where left to her, there are a lot of us that try to do to much and become run down, that is definitely happening to me! I need some balance in my life... I would love to hear your thoughts... I know in my case I go over board with everything I do, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done! So sorry I like to keep my blog uplifting and not complain about things, but this is something that I have really been struggling with! Do you struggle with the same things? I would love to know.... I hope everyone has a wonderful week and hope you enjoyed the pretties for today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful White Rooms for White Wednesday!

It's time for another White Wednesday, and I thought I would share some beautiful whites from a few of my decorating books!

I just love everything about this picture, I'm especially drooling over the beautiful chandelier!
This bed looks so dreamy!!!

The picture above and the next two is from Jo Anne Coletti's ~~~ The Feminine Home! If you haven't purchased this book yet, your missing out, it is page after page of the most beautiful pictures, I have been cover to cover so many times!
It's all so gorgeous!!!

I would love to set here at this vanity and put my makeup on every morning, it's stunning, with it's layers of beautiful lace!
I love how all the colors in this room are different shades, but go so wonderfully together! Love the creams and white... it's just dreamy!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of these beautiful rooms... I think their so inspirational... be sure to go over and visit with our gracious hostess Kathleen and all of the other participants for more White inspiration!!!
pictures #1, 2 , & 3 Rachel Ashwell~~~ Shabby Chic Interiors
pictures # 4, 5, & 6 Jo Anne Coletti's~~~ The Feminine Home
pictures #7, 8 , & 9 Jessica McClintock's~~~ Simply Romantic Decorating

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Neighborhood Porch Party!

It's time for another Porch Party with Jill This week we are to show our neighborhood porches. I will say I was a bit nervous pulling up to houses and taking pictures, I'm sure they were wondering what the heck I was doing! We do live in a small town so everyone knows everyone just about.... well actually we live right outside of town. I'm so glad that Jill is going to make this a once a month were we take pictures of the neighborhood porches, because we have so many old beautiful historic homes in our small town, I think it will be a lot of fun trying to sneak a porch picture!!!

I spent a lot of time in this home when I was a little girl, as my best friend lived here, they have since sold the home and moved away!
I wish I could have gotten a closer picture of this house, I'll try to get closer next time!
Several of these houses are for sale!
Another house for sale!

Now I got really close on this sweet little porch, as it belongs to one of my best friends, little granddaughter. She had told me about it a good while back, and I finally got to take a tour! It is just the cuties thing. This little play house belongs to Brenley, and her Daddy built it for her!
I'm loving those pink chairs!
This is her flower garden, my friend said it was so beautiful last year when all the flowers were bloomed out... I'll have to go back and take more pictures this Spring!
This is my little granddaughter on the left and Brinley on the right! Brinley is such a beautiful and sweet little girl, and has so much energy, but she has had a lot of medical problems since she was born, so please keep her in your prayers!
I know you girls will love this rusty little table and chairs, I think it is the cuties!!!

Just a peek into the inside, I will share the rest of the inside on my Pink Saturday post, because it is just full of Pinks, hope you come back for the rest of the play house tour!
This was Brenley's sweet little doggie!!! Hope you enjoyed the tour, be sure to go over and visit Jill and all of the other participants.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Saturday

It's that time again, for PINK SATURDAY... and by looking at House Beautiful magazine Pink is in!!!

There are so many different shades of pink, I think it might be kinda hard to choose a color... although I think I'm going to choose #5..... that is I was going for #5 until I looked at #5 room and now I think I'm choosing #4. It's amazing just looking at the colors above, how different they look on the walls that their showing in these rooms!

I just love the pink drapes with the black and white floor!
I'm loving theses pink dishes too, especially the one with the gold on it too! Hope you enjoyed my pink shares today! Be sure to go over to Beverly's and visit her and all the other participants for more pink inspiration!!! I will be linked up to Beverly shortly!!!

all pictures from House Beautiful