Friday, July 9, 2010

This And That

I love this old feed sack dress. My mother n law made alot of these dresses in the 80's when she owned her antique shop... she said they were selling like hot cakes, selling so many she had hire more ladies to help her sew them, they also made shirts and feed sack bags! I have a few of the bags on my right hand side bar!
Here is one of the tops they made! I also saw a feed sack skirt when I was snooping in her sewing room the other day, it was so cute!

I love this vintage picture and the sweet poem! I'm going to write it here in case the words aren't big enough for everyone to see!
If you can be a girl and glory in it, Because it is the place for you to fill, If you can be a lady every minute, Yet take all sporting chances with a will, If you hold your temper when you're ruffled, And force a smile when frowns are hovering near, Or keep the burning tongue of scandal muffled By never telling anything you hear:
If you can follow styles and wear them sweetly, But let not what you spend outweigh your brain, If you can win some goal you've sought complletely Yet know that broader reaches still remain; If you can look on modern fads and notions And find them good, but never play the fool, If you can understand all deep emotions And yet not put your life beneath their rule:
If you can wait with patience when it's needful, Yet keep no person waiting for yourself, And ok all other's troubles be most heedful, But hide your own sad stories on the shelf: If you can work hard each day and still be plucky, Or live in wealth, and wear no haughty pride, If you can count yourself as mighty lucky To have a friend at all time by your side;
If you can dream, yet sit not idly longing, Or play with ease, yet find some work to do, If you can still have faith when doubts are thronging, And be the friend you'd have one be to you; If you can love with all the soul that's in you And let the world no selfish motive see, If nothing less than what is best can win you~ you'll be the girl God meant for you to be!

I love the words and meaning of this poem~~~ although I fall so short I really think these are words to try and live by!!!

On another note, I would like to share this delishious dessert with you, it's so quick and easy to make!
I call it a Dump Cake
1 can apple pie filling (you can substitute this for any pie filling you like) I like cherry
1 can blueberry pie filling
1 Tsp. cinnamon
1 stick oleo~~~ melted~~~ I put 2 sticks of butter in mine!
1 pkg. pudding cake mix (yellow)
1 cup chopped pecans
Empty the apple filling in oblong dish. Spread blueberry pie filling over the apple pie filling, Sprinkle the cinnamon over the fillings. Sprinkle pudding cake mix over the ingredients. Melt the oleo (BUTTER) and pour evenly over the pudding cake mix. Top with chopped pecans and bake about 30 min. at 350 degrees!


MosaicMagpie said...

I once did a demo on how to make Dump Cake, in a college Speech Class. The dump cake was a hit. It's the best easy dessert you can make. Love the feed sack dress, do they even make feed sacks out of cotton anymore?

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Your right it's a wonderful dessert and sooooo easy! I'm not sure if they use cotton anymore to make the feed sacks...


Daphne, I do remember those feedsack dresses. I adore this poem you have shared...such a wonderful message. And that dessert looks divine! Perhaps I shall give that one a try. Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog and for your just made my day! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Angela

Cathy said...

Yummy, I love Dump Cake!! I also love the feed sack clothing. I had a overall jumper years ago and the skirt part was made from a old feed sack. Wish I still had it! Have a GREAT WEEKEND! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

sissie said...

I love that sweet feedsack dress. It's so sweet. I can remember my Mom making all kinds of things from feedsacks.

I have heard of dump cake but never tried it.
Thanks for the recipe.


Tarnished and Tattered said...

I love the message in the print you shared. We used to have dump cake all the time when I was a kid, funny I haven't had it in ages. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I need to start making it for my family! I wanted to thank you for the sweet, SWEET message you left about my bottle. It's hard to share 'yourself' like we do & to get feedback like that just really makes me feel wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to leave it. Lisa

clustres said...

Wonderful poem and recipe, Daphne! Thanks!

Simply Glowing Gifts said...

I will have to try the dump cake recipe when my kiddo's come home~looks delicious!!I visited your space always, everything looks fabulous!!!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier! I came by to check you out too! Your blog is beautiful and so are all of the goodies you make! Love love love!

I look forward to following along!


One Shabby Old House said...

I LOVE THAT POEM! It made for a wonderful start to my morning. Thank you for sharing.
I am going to go visit my father's farm this summer and I so hope that there are feed sacks there to bring back home. Such a great idea.
Thanks for all the inspiration this a.m. Have a wonderful day.

Julie Marie said...

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog today... how fun you are joining in the Barn Chicks Party! Your blog is beautiful and I am totally in love with those vintage purses! I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and browse back through your older posts... xoxo Julie Marie PS That cake looks yummy!