Monday, July 19, 2010

More treasure hunting

I set out on another shopping trip this past weekend, it's one of my Saturday hobbies, although I already have a huge storage building full of things, that I could be taking out and selling. My husband is constanly asking me why I keep buying stuff when I have a building full of things, well I really don't know I just can't seem to help myself!!! Maybe when it cools down a bit I will pull some things out of my storage, and add some of it to my online boutique! I think I am one of those people I've seen on tv, that they call hoarders. Everytime I've gone into my storage to take something out to sale, I end up coming out empty handed, I keep thinking of things I can use this stuff for, but it just sets and collects more dust! I think I need professional help. Is there anyone of you out there that has this problem?
I just love this old piece of wood with the painted roses! This and most of the items listed here will be added to my online boutique soon.
Sweet cream and sugar bowl.

Found some more bottles to decorate!

Sweet little silver footed tray with handles!

Love this adorable little divider dish!

Sweet pink vintage bed jacket!
White vintage bed jacket!
Sweet vintage collar!
I just loved these shoes. I love the pink on them and also the heels are translusent, I will be adding them to the online boutique!

Cute little pink vintage jewelry box!
I just love the colors in these little plates!
Of course this is my favorite color!

Sweet tiny little vintage purses!
This was the find of the day, although it has some stainning the chair is in good condition, just needs to be recovered. I will also be adding furniture to my website soon! Sorry for the background in this picture it was taken in my garage!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Awesome awesome treasures !! Wow !!

MosaicMagpie said...

You say hoarder like it's a bad thing. We are just keepers of massive quantities of important stuff! Every time I get rid of something I wish I had it back. Like that jewelry box, I had 2 thought I didn't need them anymore and took them to the Goodwill. The worst part they had been my Grandmothers.
Do I wish I had them back? He-- Yes! Keep it all Sister!

she dreams big! said...

Hoarding? Me too! Me too! But my 'stuff' is not nearly as pretty as yours! You just keep collecting and I'll keep drooling over your pictures!

sissie said...

I'm not sure if I'm a hoarder or not, but I do have trouble letting go of things that I buy for my booth! LOL!

I love all your pretty finds and I'm sure they won't last long.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Absolutely dreamy! All of it! :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Pamela said...

love that chair , pink plate and painted piece of wood!
My husband has always said i keep too much stuff! Who cares is what i say!!
Hope your having a great summer and keep on hunting !!
Pamela xo

Gracefully Vintage said...

Those are some amzing finds- and I agree, that is quite the chair- I would love to take that one.. What a Beauty...
Love the statue, just beautiful- elegant..
i love taking elegant-and adding whimsy or french or shabby to it..