Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few great giveaways

Lori, from Katie's Rose Cottage is having a wonderful giveaway!!!
Be sure and check it out!

Also Sweet Magnolias Farm is having a wonderful giveaway!!!
Be sure and check it out!


sissie said...

Thanks for the links. So good stuff!


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hey Daphne ..Thanks so much for adding our Giveaway to your blog !!!

Oh Gosh don't worry about not knowing enough on this techinical computer mumbo jumbo ..it took me a long time to figure it all out.

I'll share with you about linking it's pretty easy. When you want to link something you just need the http: address of their blog... So click in the address bar and the address should highlight then right click and click on the Copy option. Now go to your blog and when you have added your picture in ..click on it ..then up in the bar where you see all the symbols ..there will be one that looks like a paper clip ..click on it ..and a pop up will come up that has a place for you to add the address ..Just backspace out the http:// that they have ..Then Right click in the box and click on the option past ..then click the o.k. button and wah Lah ...it will be linked ..Yippee ..

Same for when you add a picture in your sidebar ..there is a link option in that section ..just add the page address that you want it to go to ...that simple sweetie.

Hope that helps and I didn't confuse you ...LOL !!!

Have a Lovely Day ..Sara

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Many thanks for the giveaway shout out, I surely do appreciate it!

I can't wait to head up your way and see all your cool stuff, I have a trip planned after Warrenton. Yay! :-)

Have a fabulous Friday!

ashlina said...

those giveaways look fun! ill check them out.

have a great weekend sweetie!

vintagesusie said...

Thanks so much friend for the heads up on the give-aways. I'll head over there now & let's hope we win!