Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Red Barn Sale in Round Top, Texas

This past weekend was spent doing nothing but shopping, Dallas Market Saturday, and The Big Red Barn in Round Top, Texas Sunday. I've got pictures from several great dealers. This is Theresa Cano's booth from Garden Antiques, her booth was lovely as always. I really enjoyed visiting with them at the show's.

I purchased this lovely silver tray
and the pottery from Theresa, I
believe I will be keeping these beauty's.

This is a picture of Theresa's
booth. Sorry I took several but this
is the only one that came out good.

This is Judy Hill's booth, she always has a gorgeous booth, she has a great talent for decorating.
I love the way she displays her items.

This pretty little lamp I purchased
from Judy is going on my night
stand. It's a keeper.

I will be posting a few more pictures from the Big Red Barn sale in a few more day's.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey D, enjoyed visiting with you too! Thanks for the mention and hope you enjoy your goodies!

freeman1 said...

Love the pictures...sounds like you had a fun filled weekend!!! :)

Riviera Boardwalk said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.
love to you,

time-worn interiors said...

It was great to meet you as well! Will we be seeing you at Theresa Cano's blog party at the big show!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Very nice blog! The more I see of Texas antiques, the more I want to take a road trip. What eye-candy! Love the jewelry too!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I want to go soooo bad to Round Top ~ I would love to go for the next huge sale week ~
It looks like you got to see some beautiful things ~

Riviera Boardwalk said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree that the bedroom is beautiful. I have never been to Round Top, only to Canton. I would love to see Round Top!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I did see alot of beautiful things. They had some wonderful dealers with really gorgeous displays. The next big sale at Roundtop and Warrington will be the last week of March and the 1st week of April, I belive. I always try to go for the Spring and Fall show, and always have a wonderful time and find lots of goodies. Hope ya'll do get to check it out, it's alot of fun.

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Thanks So Much for stopping by my blog ..I'll be back to read more of yours ..looks wonderful !!! I have added myself as a follower and will add you to my blog line up ...Thanks for adding me !!!

Blessings ...Sara

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Daphne, just had to stop back in and tell you thanks for sending up prayers!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

I love that tray! So wish I could have made that show! Every year I try to get there and it never works out! Thanks for sharing pics of all the pretty booths! ~LA