Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Laurieanna's 12 days of Christmas giveaway

I am so excited about Laurieanna's twelve days of Christmas giveaways. It has been so much fun. I can't wait to see who will be taking the vintage bag home.


trash talk said...

Me either!!! Whoever it is...they will be one lucky duck! Your handbags are Fab U Lous and I can only imagine the amount of time and work that goes into making one your creations. They are little pieces of art!
Merry Christmas from my home to yours! Now...SLOW DOWN!!! (Please)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm pretty excited about winning it! Ok. I know I haven't won it yet. But, this is me, being optimistic. Merry Christmas! ~Mindy

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

Hey Daphne!
This is Tina, I work from LaurieAnna, love your blog, and your beautiful handbags, I get to look and touch them every First Monday...I'd love, love, love to have one!! On my list to buy this 2010!!
Merry Merry Christmas to you...

Donna said...

Your purse is gorgeous - I sure hope I win! Since I can't make it out to see Miss Tina (waves!) - I'm in NJ...and I just broke my leg anyway, is there anywhere online to buy your bags?

Merry Christmas


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Donna,I do plan on having a website, however until I get it up and running I will be posting items for sale on my blog. Over to the right side of the blog you can see where my partner has her handcrafted jewelry, I will have the same thing up soon. I will have a variety of things listed, vintage bags, vintage and western pillows ,vintage collectible, antique lace and a lot more.
Thanks so much for your interest in the purses and for the beautiful comment.
PS Hope your leg heals soon.

glimpse of my world said...

I love the handbags... I tried to create one myself a few years back when I was so inspired by Magnolia pearl.. didn't look as good as yours or Magnolia Pearl.. so I am anxious for you to get your website up! Pop over and see me!